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Welcome to my website. I am author, with my main focus on fantasy, magic, mythology, psychology, and satire. I have published about 50 novels, books, song lyrics, roleplaying games, PC games and online games, and some 200 papers on topics as diverse as IQ, synchronicity, dragons, martial arts, business strategy, cosmology, and erotic fantasies.

I was born 1963 in Salzburg and still live there. I have got a grown-up son and two teenage daughters; all three still think I am pretty cool, and I believe this to be one of my greatest achievements.

In 2006 I established a world record for lifting 1.000 kg in a state of trance. This was part of life-long experiments to prove that our ancient mayths telling of heroes and superhuman feats are not just fantasy, but definite possibilities of our mind and body yet still unexplored.

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